Pjur are a world renowned leader in the adult personal pleasure field. The company's core business activities focus on personal lubricants and consumer goods relating to the topic of skin protection. Pjur (pronounced “pure!”) uses ingredients of the highest possible purity levels and is synonymous with uncompromising premium quality. All company products have been developed internally and are manufactured 100% in Germany, without exception.

Back Door Comfort Spray
Woman Hybrid Lube 100ml
Sold Out Analyse Me Comfort Water Anal Glide 250ml
Sold Out Aqua Water Based Lube 100ml
Sold Out Back Door Bundle
Sold Out Back Door Water Based Anal Lube 100ml
Sold Out Light Bottle 500ml
Sold Out Light Hybrid Lube 250ml
Sold Out Light Silicone Lube 1ltr
Sold Out Man Basic Silicone Anal Lube 250ml
Sold Out Man Extreme Silicone Anal Lube 100ml
Sold Out Man Silicone Lube 100ml