Tantus has positioned itself as an industry leader in manufacturing eco-friendly and body safe products through constant innovation and a commitment to developing products of superior quality. Ergonomically engineered and anatomically targeted, Tantus has originated a product commensurable to no other. Each product is individually handled with care and precision to facilitate and derive satisfaction and made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone.

3" On The Go Packer
5" Medium Silk Dildo
7" General Anal Dildo
7" General Anal Dildo
7" Tantus P-Spot
Tantus Little Flirt
Tantus Pelt Paddle
Tantus Suction Cup
Sold Out 10" Anal Stretching Cone
Sold Out 10" Tantus Amsterdam  Dong
Sold Out 11" Tantus Anacond
Sold Out 11" Tantus Hoss  Dong With Balls
Sold Out 4" Tantus Prostate Health Vibrator
Sold Out 4.5" Tantus Protouch
Sold Out 5" Tantus Slow Drive
Sold Out 5" Tantus Warm-Up