Love Liquid Water Based Lube 100ml

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Kama Sutra Sensual Lubricant Love Liquid Water Based 100ml

Indulge in premium decadence with Kama Sutra Love Liquid lubricant. The Kama Sutra Love Liquid Lubricant still has a fantastic slip with a light and silky smooth feel. This water based lube is artfully blended with pure ingredients magnificent for those who are sensitive to silicone and do not want a lubricant that is flavoured or stimulating. Silky and never sticky this water based lube formula is created to provide the utmost in lubricated comfort and sustainability. Transform your next bedroom experience with the delicate touch of our premium liquid lubricant.

This water-based personal lubricant makes having great sex effortless. The luxuriously simple formula provides a smooth natural feel for unlimited intimate pleasure.

  • Silky fluid glide for a natural feel
  • Long lasting formula
  • Color and fragrance free

Apply as needed to the intimate area and reapply as often as desired.
*Hint: For a more comfortable and pleasurable experience when using condoms add a small drop of Love Liquid to the inside tip of the condom as well as onto the outside of the condom once it is on.

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